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Experience the latest in CBD with water-soluble Micellar technology.

Healife water-soluble CBD is completely soluble in water, this allows it to be used in all kinds of drinks from teas and coffees to milkshakes and tomato juice. You name it if you can drink it and it's waterbased then our water-soluble CBD will dissolve in it! 

This is great for many reasons but in our opinion, the most important one is it provides a way for people who were previously unable to use CBD oil products the ability to now experience the many benefits of CBD. 

The same but different! 

Our water-soluble CBD is in many ways the same as our CBD oil, in that, it is still the same CBD, fully organic and the highest swiss quality. However, instead of being in oil, it is suspended in water. This is achieved by using the latest Micellar technology to encapsulate the CBD oil in water. This allows the body to absorb the CBD more readily than with standard oil the absorption is a minimum of 4x more effective when compared to CBD oil. This allows for people to reduce their dosage of CBD and still have the same great effects as before. 


We recommend starting with a small number of drops in your favourite drink once or twice a day. 

*Please note that dosage will vary from person to person.

More info

The body produces its own micelles for fat digestion. As this process is energy-intensive and time-consuming, most of the important active ingredients are not absorbed. By using micelles technology, the fat-soluble substances are combined into a water-soluble shell. This unique and patented process gives the cannabis Full Spectrum extract maximum bioavailability and the body can absorb and process the hardly soluble substances directly and more efficiently resulting in a more effective product drop for drop.


-The recipe consists of 100% natural products. 

-Full Spectrum hemp extract (2.5%) from Swiss Bio-Suisse organic agriculture.


-Gum Arabic (registered in the additive approval ordinance under E414).
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