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What is CBD

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In our opinion, it is the extract of our time! 

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis. While CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana, it is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant. While CBD is a component of marijuana (one of over a hundred), by itself it does not cause a “high.” According to a report from the World Health Organisation, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…. To date, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with the use of CBD.”

Will CBD make me high?

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The answer to this is no; Healife CBD will not make you "high" because, unlike its cousin THC, it has no psychoactive properties.

The health benefits associated with CBD

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CBD has been touted for a wide variety of health issues. For legal reasons, we cannot and will not make any medical claims regarding CBD, however there are many studies available online that showcase the potential benefits of CBD.

Listed below are just small number of the ever growing list of educational based CBD sites, we recommend doing some research and educating yourself to ensure you choose the best path forward in your CBD therapy journey.

Potential benefits of CBD oil

Potential benefits of CBD oil for anxiety

Potential benefits of CBD in treating rheumatoid-arthritis this site in particular is a fantastic resource when researching if CBD therapy is right for you.

Of course if you have any questions regarding our products please dont hesitate to drop us a line.

What makes Healife’s CBD so unique?

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Everything is done by hand start to finish!

At Healife; Our CBD oil is from hemp plants that are grown, harvested and prepared by hand in the heart of Switzerland to the highest possible organic bio-Suisse standards. The pre-selection by hand of only the very best components of the hemp plant is vital to ensuring our CBD oil is of the highest quality. Whilst only the best parts of the hemp plant go into the oil none of the plant goes to waste as anything not used in the oil is used as fertiliser to keep the soil nutrient-rich.

Whilst other companies may use the entire plant including the stem as this is cheaper and easier, we have noticed that CBD oil produced this way is of lower quality and often bitter, waxy and discoloured.

With our CBD you will never experience these issues as our CBD oil is made from only the very best parts of the hemp plant, the leaves around the flower but not the flower itself. Whilst this is more cost-prohibitive for us than other more 'standard' methods of CBD manufacture we believe it sets us apart from other competitors on the ever-growing market. 

With these strict processes in place,it allows us to ensure our products are 100% traceable to the originating source and that’s not something every CBD supplier can say!

Our product is 100% traceable - from seed to shelf!

What does 'Full spectrum' mean?

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It is important to distinguish between pure CBD as an isolate; and CBD as a full spectrum of the hemp plant. Isolates have a milder taste and are cheaper to produce because the extraction process from the plant is different. CBD isolates do not contain any of the other beneficial components from the plant

All components of the plant lead to the "entourage effect"

However, we believe in the full power of the hemp plant and so extract our CBD with the help of an innovative CO2 method, this way we obtain not only the valuable CBD, but also all other important plant ingredients such as terpenes (aromatic substances) and flavonoids and minerals. These ingredients, when combined with CBD, can lead to the desired "entourage effect" in the body.

Purity determines quality

Free of alcohol and solvents, we can offer a pure and natural organic oil, which is harvested by hand and in accordance with the strictest Swiss organic produce and food guidelines. Products that are called ‘CBD Full Spectrum’ therefore contain all the important components of the cannabis plant. Often the term "whole-plant-extract" is used to describe the whole extract of the plant.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic

All Cannabinoids in this composition may have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic effects. CBD isolate products do not contain terpenes, cannabinoids or healthy fatty acids; only pure CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant without any other ingredients. To achieve the "entourage effect", all components of the plant are used. Therefore, CBD products on the ‘full-spectrum’ or ‘broad-spectrum’ basis are recommended.

Why is CBD "full spectrum" more effective?

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Lautenberg Centre for General and Tumour Immunology conducted a study on the “entourage effect”. This explained that CBD, together with other ingredients of the cannabis plant, is more effective and more suitable for treatments such as anxiety, depression and chronic pain. CBD isolates, on the other hand, are suitable for people who want to add CBD to their meals and drinks. Due to its solid state, CBD isolate is easy to measure accurately.

What does 'Broad spectrum' mean?

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Healife Broad-spectrum products (white labels) are THC-free but still contain all the other important ingredients from the plant. We call this ‘Broad Spectrum’, in principle it is a full-spectrum extract without the THC. Whereas our 'full spectrum' (in the teal package) contains the legal amount of THC for the European market which is below 0.2% THC.

Effectively our broad-spectrum oils are just the same as our full-spectrum oils just without the THC, which is removed via flash chromatography.

How to determine CBD quality?

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Looking, smelling and tasting is a popular method of testing the quality of wine – and it’s the same with CBD oil! The characteristics of quality are the golden colour, as well as the unique ‘buttery tart’ smell and taste, which is caused by the natural ingredients and, above all, by the aromas of the Terpenes.

Favourable prices = Inferior extraction

Always pay attention to the ingredients of CBD oils and don't be tempted by cheaper prices, because these can only be offered if you do a cheap extraction resulting in a poorer quality oil or the oil is based on an isolate - i.e. pure CBD, without the other ingredients from the plant. 

Golden colour as a quality feature

The light colour is also an indicator of quality; as a dark greenish colour is a sign of an overheated extraction which has destroyed many of the natural substances from the plant, as these can break down if the temperature is too high. A warm extraction is therefore ideal; comparable with cold-pressed olive oil or other oils used in cosmetics. 

CBD dosage and effects

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CBD is everywhere nowadays and is, literally, on everyone's lips! Many people take CBD as a water-soluble extract in coffee, in cocktails at the weekend or on a daily basis for slipping in their evening tea. Others prefer to use it in cosmetics or to take CBD oil orally on a regular basis, by dripping it directly under their tongue.

CBD as oil is absorbed through the mucous membranes

It enters the organism this way. As a water-soluble CBD alternative, CBD oil can be added to any liquid - this is ideal for people who do not like the natural hemp taste; or for people who favour exotic drinks, as some bars already offer it in their cocktail menus!

Everybody and every organism functions differently.

CBD can also be taken in capsule form, although this method is less popular. Here, the capsule first reaches the stomach before being dissolved and, as a result, the effect starts a little slower. Long-term studies on CBD are currently still pending. In 2019 alone, however, there were roughly 500 studies on the subject published in specialist journals, There is still no patent remedy for the dosage and we are happy to leave that to science; that is why it is currently not permitted to make any statements on this. However, many studies can be found on the Internet, as can patient’s reports. As with so many things that are currently being researched, it is much more important to listen to your own body and, in case of doubt, to conduct research or to ask your doctor.

Obtaining information is certainly the first step to your CBD journey. Do you want to fight chronic pain? Is it more about short-term stress management and better sleep? Or maybe it's about skin problems or menstrual pain? Everybody works differently, is of different size and weight, and each of us has different symptoms; so there is no standard dosage. It is important to approach this issue sensibly and to trust in common sense and to consult your doctor in any case of doubt.

We know how important it is to have a reliable, informed and unprejudiced physician. So first identify your target, In case of any doubt, consult a well-informed physician and choose between a stronger or weaker CBD concentration. Independent platforms such as Cannatrust  pass on many additional tips (also on dosage) and the latest research results directly to their readers. Here, you can constantly obtain well-researched information at your leisure.

The dosage as an example:

A 10% Healife oil contains 1000mg CBD in 10ml of liquid, one drop of which corresponds to 0.05ml and has 5mg CBD

Thus one drop of the 20% CBD oil corresponds to 10mg CBD

Our conclusion:

- Buy only CBD from pure organic cultivation

- Look out for full or broad-spectrum products which include all of the important ingredients of the plant

- There are a number of sources on the Internet and research results that can help in researching the dosage

- CBD is not a miracle cure, but it can bring our daily routine - and ourselves - back on track

- Most of our team start with a 10mg dose and work their way forward in 10mg steps. Many people find that 30mg a day is a good dose, but you may need less or more 

- 1ml corresponds to approx. 20-25 drops, so a bottle with 10ml has approx. 200 -250 drops   

- A step-by-step approach is the key to finding the right dosage for your body

- Trustworthy manufacturers do not provide dosage information on packaging and prove the quality of their products with meaningful laboratory analysis

- If in doubt, speak to your doctor

How is the our oil extracted from the hemp plant?

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Every Healife CBD oil been through a unique process of extraction. The use of state of the art low temp, gentle CO2 extraction. In our specific case; The oil is gently extracted to ensure all beneficial properties are retained.

The slower the extraction process is completed the more cannabinoids you can retain. At Healife; the oils in our bottles are not extracted at high temperatures (supercritical Co2) albeit common in the industry, as it is cheaper and faster. However, this can destroy vital components like the terpenes and flavonoids which are present at the location and results in a poorer quality end product.

What are terpenes?

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Similarly to CBD, terpenes are components of the hemp plant. Terpenes are responsible for the distinctive aroma of the plant - Terpenes are also proven to be a great compound in general, having the potential to provide positive physical effects. Some may include Pain relief, assistance with muscle spasms, and also antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Other potential benefits from Terpenes include: stress-reduction, improving mood and creating relaxation. This is why the inclusion of terpenes in our products is important to us.

Why is organic the only real choice?

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All of our CBD products are grown organically, and there are reasons why. Being organic is the only way to ensure our oils contain no harmful pesticides along with that organic farming reduces the carbon footprint and creates a healthier more sustainable nutrient rich soil. 

The fields that support the hemp our oils come from have been cultivated for over 20 years, according to Swiss organic guidelines. This ensures our oils are from nutrient-rich soil that has been fertilised with the biomass (trimmings of plants not used) of the previous cultivations therefore creating a natural and healthy cycle. It’s also noteworthy, that hemp is a deep-rooted plant that draws all of its nutrients from the deeper layers of the soil - This is why we ensure that our CBD products are organic throughout the entire cycle. At Healife; We can ensure to you that all of our CBD products are from 100% swiss organic origin!

How can CBD Oil help you?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) oils are either enriched with a fatty solvent (CBD oil) or they are micelised (micellar technology), meaning the oily particles are covered with a fine coat of water on the outside (Water-soluble CBD). Both types can be absorbed and digested easily by the body. If an individual regularly intakes doses of CBD oil; They may see a wide array of benefits. They are typically not noticed instantly and may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to notice, but there are many potential benefits.

Once CBD enters the bloodstream it docks on the respective receptors in the body, to see exactly how it interacts with the human body once ingested click here.

Which CBD is the right one for me?

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It solely depends on the individual you are.

Our Full-Spectrum oil contains all the important ingredients which can be found in the hemp plant - including terpenes, minerals and of course CBD. The Full-Spectrum oil also contains the smallest legal amount of THC. This is less than 0.2% for European countries.

Full-spectrum CBD is the complete package and often seen as the most effective CBD to take, however, some people are sensitive to THC and for this reason, we also stock Broad-spectrum CBD.  

Our Broad-Spectrum contains all of the key elements of our Full-spectrum oil only without the THC. In a way, this could be referred to as the “Full-Spectrum minus THC”. The THC is removed via flash chromatography ensuring all of the other vital components remain in the oil.

The last option is our Water-soluble CBD. This, as the name suggests, is 100% soluble in water or any other drink for that matter. The difference, when compared with the oils, is the fact that our Water-soluble CBD has greater bioavailability, meaning it can enter the bloodstream much more efficiently than CBD oil (4-6 times more efficiently). This means you can add it to any drink or meal and not have to place it under your tongue and hold it there like the oils. We think water soluble CBD is the future of CBD, click here to find out why!

Why broad spectrum THC-free?

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THC is too extreme for some people to tolerate, and this is why some people prefer the broad-spectrum choice. THC mainly works in the brain area, and CBD is responsible for working in the body area.

Hemp-Oil vs CBD-Oil.

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These two oils are commonly confused, however, there are major differences between the two. The extraction process is much different, as CBD-oil is extracted from a hemp plant, and hemp-oils are extracted from hemp seeds and are widely offered in drugstores and health food stores as edible oil. CBD-Oil also is responsible for having a positive effect on the body’s own endocannabinoid system. Hemp-Oil does not have this effect, but it can be used to provide a succulent taste on your salad dressings.

Is CBD legal?

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Yes - absolutely! There’s no need to worry in regards to this. CBD oils have to have a THC content of less than 0.2% for Europe and less than 1% for Switzerland. Our oils are below this figure and we test each batch to ensure compliance.

Anytime a product is purchased from our store we provide a link to that products batch test report.

How do I calculate the Healife CBD dose?

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Dosage calculator example:

A 10% Healife oil contains 1000mg CBD in 10ml liquid, one drop of which corresponds to 0.05ml and has 5mg CBD.

Thus one drop of the 20% CBD oil corresponds to 10mg CBD At a glance: - 5% CBD oil = 2.5mg CBD per drop - 10% CBD oil = 5 mg CBD per drop

- 15% CBD oil = 7.5mg CBD per drop - 20% CBD oil = 10mg CBD per drop - 25% CBD oil = 12.5mg CBD per drop

Whilst we do not recommend dosages as they are unique to each of us, we know that on average most CBD users are using around 30mg per day.

From the calculations above we can see that for a standard 10% strength oil this equates to 6 drops per day.

Please be aware that our oils are rated in % strength rather than the more common (but less transparent) mg method.

For example, a common CBD oil here in the U.K is 1500mg 30ml bottle. This method can lead people to think they are receiving 15% strength oil when displayed in this format. This is not the case and the oil is actually 5% strength. An oil like the example above has 2.5mg per drop whereas our 15% oil has 7.5mg per drop so would require fewer drops to achieve a similar dose.

Why do you need carrier oil?

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The freshly-harvested hemp extract contains a very high CBD content, and a carrier oil essentially helps to regulate the concentration to a desired and preferred level.

Why don't you offer MCT carrier oil?

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So why no MCT oil? Well MCT oil is a byproduct of and often contains palm oil.

Palm oil has been linked to heart disease and many other nasties, not to mention the impact it has on the environment. On top of this, we cannot guarantee the source of MCT oil as it is not grown locally, and we like to be 100% certain of the source of all the ingredients that go into our bottles.

As such we have decided against the use of MCT oils in our CBD products.

CBD in pictures

CBD Knowledge-base- The entourage effect

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Human CBD receptor chart

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Do you have a returns policy?

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Whilst we are confident that you will be happy with our products we understand there are times where a return may be required.

For further info on how to initiate a return please follow this link.

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