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Have you been searching for the best CBD oils? Well look no further, you’ve come to the right place!
Welcome to Healife, home of the U.K’s finest organic CBD.
Here at Healife we are passionate about high quality CBD and its many benefits.
As such we have made it our mission to share with the world what, in our opinion is the best quality CBD oil available. 
Our CBD is pure, effective and grown in Switzerland to the highest organic standards harnessing the full natural power of the hemp plant.
Healife cbd hemp field sunset sunrise
Pure oils, pure quality
Our oils differ from the majority of CBD oils on the market due to the fact that we don’t cut corners and we do not use CBD crystals to make our oils. Our CBD oils are from hemp that is grown adhering to strict Bio-Suisse organic standards, then hand-picked, gently processed and turned into the pure golden oil found in our bottles. Our CBD oils go through rigorous testing processes to ensure they are free from any impurities like chemicals and heavy metals that are commonly found in some CBD oils.  Our oils are free from  pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, chemical fertilisers or any other additives.
So don’t worry, you won’t find dark, pasty or nasty tasting CBD oil in our bottles! Just high quality, super effective, planet friendly CBD!
healife cbd Hemp plants just planted
Whilst Healife was created to bring to market the worlds best CBD oils we have never lost sight of that what is dear to all of us, our home, planet earth.
It is our mission to provide the most sustainable products possible. Examples of this can be seen in our use of responsibly sized, recyclable packaging materials and our strict exclusion of planet and livelihood damaging palm oils from our products to name a couple.
We have also committed to offset our carbon footprint by planting 1 tree per sale starting May 2021.
Healife cbd hemp field pre-harvest
Our customers always come first
At Healife we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and we are here to help before, during, and after you make a purchase. 
We love CBD as much as you do and its vital to us that you get the best experience from our products. So Whether it’s a question about our Glow Anti-aging CBD face creams or you’re curious about our Micellar technology water soluble CBD then don’t hesitate just fill out the contact us form and we’ll be in touch shortly.
Above all else we really value and listen to your feedback, and encourage you to hold us to a highest of standards.
Healife cbd hemp plants mid-harvest 

Feel life… Healife! 

Healife cbd hemp plants mid-harvest

Any questions... reach out below!

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