How our CBD oil is made and why its the best!


This is carried out to Bio-Suisse organic standards ensuring the soil is nutrient rich and 100% ready to support a successful grow.These are not just any hemp seeds though! Many years experience have enabled the farmers to crossbreed previous strains to produce what we believe to be the perfect cannabinoid profile resulting in the highest quality, most effective CBD oil available. 

Organic hemp seeds being planted by hand for CBD oil



At every stage of the process the hemp plants receive the vital care needed to allow them to ensure valuable inflorescences. This care is carried out in accordance to strict Bio Suisse standards. The results of these painstaking processes result in the pure 100% organic CBD oil found in our bottles and creams.

Hand watering organic hemp seed for CBD oil



When the growing process is complete and the hemp plant has reached its full potential, it is time to harvest. This is done by hand and as with the rest of the process adheres too strict  Bio Suisse guidelines. It is now that the only the very best parts of the plant are chosen for the production process. Being selective ensures the outcome of a purer CBD oil devoid of any nasty tastes.

Farmer checks hemp plants for CBD oil



When preparing the hemp plants only the very best parts of the plant are used. It is common to see CBD oil producers use the whole plant as its cheaper and faster, however this results in a bitter, waxy product. Our CBD oil uses select parts of the plant that that do not leave a bitter or waxy taste. This is the trimmings from around the flower but not the flower itself. This process has been meticulously refined over 15 years to produce the most effective CBD oil available. All of our CBD oil is extracted via a patented low temperature extraction process. The oil is extracted slowly at low temperature to avoid the loss of vital cannabinoids. It is common to see CBD oil extracted via supercritical C02 as this is fast, cheap and allows for large quantities to be processed quickly, however this results in a lower quality CBD oil. 

 CBD oil in clear bottle with CBD in writing in top right of picture

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