It’s no secret that CBD products are in high demand. You may or may not have noticed that there are tons of CBD companies sprouting up all over the place. This has led to some GREAT products—and some not so great ones—flooding the market. Here, we hope to shed some light on a few misconceptions about CBD, and some of the intentionally misleading marketing that surrounds those misconceptions.


When buying CBD products there are a few important things to consider:


  1. Are the components of these supplements healthy and safe?
  2. Are they traceable?
  3. What is the potency?





Firstly, for the uninitiated among us, let’s get a quick overview of what CBD actually is. CBD stands for Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of 3 main components of the cannabis plant: THC, CBD, and Terpenes. CBD is the only one of the three compounds that is non-psychoactive—meaning it won’t give you a “buzz”. 


Many people take CBD supplements to decrease aches and pains, promote relaxation, decrease anxiety and stress—and promote overall wellness. While CBD is still a very recent phenomenon, it is proving to be a very useful little compound for people to get off prescription meds. The fact that it doesn’t get you high is seen as one of the major benefits, as many people don’t enjoy the high one gets from ingestion of THC or terpenes. CBD products are generally fairly flavourless and can typically be added to any liquid, making them super convenient.


CBD STRENGTH—milligrams versus percentage


Because of the “trendiness” of CBD products—which is truly justified—there are a massive number of “CBD companies” looking to capitalise and make some quick profits. As with most other industries, there are the contenders and the pretenders. 


What the PRETENDERS have started doing is embellishing the potency of their CBD products. They use a common misconception about CBD potency to their advantage with this shady marketing technique. 


For example: a company will advertise “100mg CBD STRENGTH PER BOTTLE!”. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, this does absolutely nothing to indicate the TRUE POTENCY of the product. You see, there is a huge difference in strength between a 300ml bottle of CBD product at 100mg, and a 100ml bottle at 100mg. The concentration and potency of the 100ml bottle would be 3 times greater.


That’s why any CBD product that advertises its potency in mg, shouldn’t be taken at face value. It’s super important for consumers to do their research on this. 


CBD potency is BEST MEASURED by percentages. That’s because a 300ml bottle of CBD at 20% concentration has the EXACT SAME potency as a 100ml bottle at 20% concentration. THIS is how to properly measure potency, and this is the sign of a company that is being transparent and honest about their CBD products. 




Using the misconception above, CBD products are then marketed as “cheaper” than their competition—when in fact they’re often not cheaper, and typically less effective. As the market changes and the consumer becomes more savvy, we hope that less and less fly-by-night CBD companies will be able to capitalize on this shady practice.




Just like food consumers should be aware of where their food is coming from—CBD consumers should be in touch with the source of their CBD. As CBD is derived from a plant, it can truly be grown and produced anywhere. However, not every CBD manufacturing operation is created equally, and not every grower uses the same sustainable and healthy practices. 


At Healife, our CBD is sourced from a farm that has been growing hemp for over 20 years, and is Bio Suisse certified. This means with our product, you can rest easy knowing that the CBD you’re ingesting is from the finest possible source and free from nasty chemicals and heavy metals.


ALL of the ingredients in our products come from THAT SAME SOURCE, and our products are 100% ORGANIC. 




We feel comfortable sharing this inside information about some of the shady practices in the CBD industry, because we want our customers to be well informed before making their first purchase. We feel comfortable knowing that our products are THE BEST, MOST POTENT CBD products in the UK. 


While some companies will offer lower prices, they simply cannot offer a better product with better effectiveness.


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